Monday, December 2, 2013



Saturday was a crazy wild day around the old home-front. Oh, it started out calm enough, Prince Charming was gone--visiting clients in custody at the county jail, and I was at home with the dogs and cats, thinking about decorating for Christmas.

It was a beautiful day in Southern California.  As usual, I had the sliding back door open to let my animals have free range to the backyard.  I had spread bird seed for my flock of sparrows that grows in number every day.  Also visiting the birdseed was my flock of pigeons.  Unlike many, I love my pigeons, and don't mind the occasional mess they leave behind, the soft cooing sound they make offsets the crazy yelling of the sparrows.

Suddenly, all the birds took flight is a crazy "run for the hills" scattered pattern, with at least two pigeons hitting the clerestory windows.  I looked up in time to see a falcon diving two of the pigeons with my favorite brown bird desperately trying to get away from the attacking predator.  The two came crashing into my den, with the pigeon making a desperate dive up to the soffit wall over my kitchen.  The falcon quickly retreated out the open door, but the pigeon remained in the house.

Unfortunately, Boo Bear, my cat, quickly caught wind of the bird and soon scrambled up onto the counters and tried to get to the frightened bird. Brownie, took off and ended up behind the couch, with Boo still focused on the area above the cabinets.

I left her, deciding to let her collect her thoughts and hopefully letting the falcon fly off to other hunting grounds.  

As I was finishing preparing lunch, the doorbell rang, with all the dogs running to answer the door.  At the door, Tara and Fina were content to terrorize the young couple giving out reading material, but, Scruggs being Scruggs, didn't stop at the door.  Nooo, he ran!

For any of you who read Scruggs and Samantha, How a Shelter Dog and Kitten Saved Cinderella's Marriage, you all know Scruggs is a runner.  He was OFF and RUNNING with Fina hot on his heels!

I watched to see which way they turned then grabbed the car keys to give chase.  Scruggs has learned that he can run, and eventually I find him and bring him back in the car.  So he runs as far as he can.

Fortunately for me, this time a new neighbor was watching Scruggs run, and decided to give chase.  Just up the street, another new neighbor was painting his house and had all the doors open.  Scruggs stopped to run through the open house and greet the neighbor.

Yes, of course there was wet paint!  Do you think this story would end without Scruggs getting covered in paint?  If so, you don't know Scruggs.

The good news is Scruggs helped me meet two new neighbors, one of which forgave the golden dog's indiscretions of leaving his golden fur on the new white paint.

Oh, yes, two hours later Brownie, the pigeon finally came out, and left by the front door.  Scruggs is still in the proverbial doghouse, but I have to forgive him.  He loves to run!

Have a safe and happy shopping period.  Remember, everyone loves to read.
Mary de la Pena