Monday, April 7, 2014

Is this you? Don't put off another day. Live your dreams, life is short!

For years I kept telling Prince Charming I'd write a book. Our vacations were always spent with me musing about characters and plots and the book I was going to write. 

Then, one magical day I was connected to Tom Bird, the man who gave my thoughts, and prayers, and characters a chance to live on actual pages instead of the pages in my mind.

So, for all of you, here is some advice and motivation, Tom has a few spaces left in his Atlanta writer's retreat. Read below, and you, too, can be an author before you know it!
Good luck, and God bless,
Mary de la Pena-author.

If YOU have always wanted to write a book, here is your chance! Tom Bird has some openings in his upcoming Atlanta Retreat May 16-18, 2014 (Thursday Night too!).

If you have ever had any interest in getting your book written Go To This Retreat! Under Tom's guidance I have written my first novel and it has changed my life. He is a Best Selling Author, whose proven method is based on tuning into what he refers to as our Divine Author Within. It is real, it is from the heart, and I am forever grateful!

There are only a few remaining spaces for Tom's Atlanta retreat, but he will offer you a half price discount off the regular fee for the retreat if you mention my name, M.J. de la Pena.

You can register by either calling his office at 928-203-0265 or emailing

If you would like some further information on the retreat, you can either visit the retreat page on his website by clicking here, or give his office a call to set up a time to speak with Tom, or, reach out to me! I will gladly share my experiences with

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